Final Update

Hello! Team Delta here for one final update. Class is over, exams wrap up in just another day, graduation is right around the corner, but most importantly for this blog the Senior Design showcase was last Friday. Ahead of this event we put the finishing touches on our prototype, fixing up the big bugs and […]

Prototype Build

Hello once again readers! Big progress this week. We’ve got a playable build of pretty much the entire game running in AR! The big progress this week is additive scene loading to handle AR, writing for the remaining levels and setting up interactions, and getting every scene in the game fully linked up and converted […]

Connecting the Dots

Hello readers! This week we move closer and closer to both our deadline and the prototype being completed. This upcoming Monday is the due-date for the reports and prototype for our class. This is sooner than we had initially expected but we are being given additional time after this to further work on the prototype […]


Hello! This past week has been pretty hectic for the team with other work but we have gotten some important progress made on the project. The biggest thing since last week has been moving the project to a Long-Term Support version of Unity 2019. This wasn’t an easy task and we’re still sorting out some […]

Just One More Level…

Hello once again readers! Team Delta here with yet another update. As we near the end of March, the finish line for our prototype is coming into view. This week we’ve got a few updates to share on some key components of the game. First up, there’s a new completed level graybox just like last […]

Putting the Pieces Together

Hello readers! It’s been a bit longer than usual but we also have quite a bit more to update you on. First up is another completed level graybox. This one is the second level and the first with a larger scope. This level, previously designed back in November, has multiple objectives and branching paths. The […]

Feature Development

Hello readers! This past week really flew by and yet it feels like it’s been a while since we’ve posted anything. We’ve gotten started on creating our levels and implemented some important features.  A graybox, a primitive 3D outline, of the first level has been created. It’s not very exciting currently since gameplay features aren’t […]

Project Management Updates

Hello again reader! Team Delta here with a short update this week. This past week we’ve been pretty busy with some rough schoolwork in our other classes and completing a presentation on the work we’ve done so far on this project. Thankfully, with those out of the way our schedule is freed up to get […]

AR Setup

Hello readers! We’re a little light on updates this week thanks to some tough school work but we’re still making progress. In the past week we’ve started planning unit tests for our code and reviewing how to do this in Unity. We’ve also continued planning on how we’ll implement planned features in the game. We’ve […]


Hello again readers! Over the past week we’ve been working on planning out the programming architecture for core features and systems, as well as continuing on AR development. As we begin basic steps toward prototyping, we’ve come to realize that we already have experience with most of the systems that we’ll need to implement minus […]


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